Swati and Joseph contacted us through a friend, who is also a wedding planner, only a week before their wedding!

We hit it off with them instantly, and decided to have a quick couple session a day before the festivities began, and oh boy what a fun session it turned out to be! We sneaked through old market lanes, ran around in abandoned lots, jumped in and out of trains, you name it! The idea was to document what they’ve been doing the entire time they’ve been here in India: Swati showing her hometown (Bangalore) to Joe who is from New York. (More pictures of that session in another blog post)

When we sat down for chai (tea), they spilled the beans about how they met at a party years ago. They were both medical residents in the same hospital in New York, and Swati didn’t even like Joe much in that first meeting. But things happened, as they do, and they have built a wonderful life together since.

We spent the next two days recording one of the most love-filled weddings, where both the families embraced each other with open arms, and were further brought together by their love of dancing :D

It’s all in there in the trailer video at the end!

Wedding planner: The Celebration by SwathiReddy

Cinematography: More Than Red

Location: Angsana Oasis Spa And Resort, Bangalore

Trailer video