A slow traveller at heart, I love to roam the streets till I start remembering them..

I started with street photography and it has over time evolved me into this silent observer, one who likes to capture fleeting intimate moments, on and off the street. I like photographing people (and animals too!) with all shades of their personalities.

I tend to bring this documentary style over to capturing events as well, such as weddings, where emotions run high and there are a million moments you'd want to freeze in time.


Growing up, I was introduced to the camera very early.. My dad being a hobbyist photographer since before I was born, even had his own darkroom at one point. Every Sunday, the Nikon SLR would come out and become the center of activity in those lazy afternoons. In school, I was usually the one in my class to carry that plasticky black Kodak for outings and annual functions.

But I had no "real interest" in photography until around 2013, when I got stationed in Florence (Italy) for my doctoral studies (Yes, I have a PhD in Molecular Nano-optics). I distinctly remember being in Venice and refusing to click pictures, because I felt that the crappy digital camera I had would not do justice to the beauty of that place. Immediately bought a phone with a stellar camera (the 42Mp Nokia Lumia 1020) and then there was no turning back. Things clicked (pardon the pun) and I began to pursue photography, almost as a refuge from the pressures of academics.

When the time came to choose a job after finishing the degree, I decided to leave academics and dive headfirst into the field of photography, and promptly landed in wedding photography, and have been immersed in it ever since. Weddings have everything I look for as a storyteller - the drama, the juxtaposition, the hilarity.

Summing up, my life has always been a confluence of science, art and design for as long as I can remember. So here I am. This is me.