Fellow creatives Misba and Shaurya tied the knot in a quaint ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family. The setting was an off-the-road villa and everyone pitched in to make it special for our couple - with a friend ordaining the wedding to the "talent show" which quickly devolved into a roasting session. Love and laughter (and booze) flowed liberally, and it easily became one of the most memorable days I’ve shot till date.

Proclaimed to be the rising star of TikTok, Misba, perfectly complements Shaurya’s spontaneity with her planning skills. They fight with each other but they also fight for each other, and have vowed to keep the fire alive through whatever the future may hold. It took these two 11 years (damn!) to reach this point, being there for each other through the ups and downs that come with an inter-religion marriage in India.

‘Overwhelmed’ was a word that came up a lot, and rightly so.

Cinematography: LoveShootRepeat

Venue: Monteria Villa, Karjat

Trailer video